Sourcing High Quality Roll Your Own Tobacco

If you roll your own tobacco, why not roll the best?

One of the great benefits of hand rolling cigarettes and cigars with “roll your own tobacco” is the amazing variety of tobaccos available to choose from. While store bought cigarettes are generally a blend of highly processed Virginia and Burley tobacco, there are actually many varieties of tobacco and a range of curing methods. Each method leaves behind its own unique flavor and aroma in the tobacco. Even the region and soil a tobacco plant is grown in can greatly impacts the strength, taste and smell. 
For our customers rolling blunts, why roll your top shelf flower in backwoods wraps that smother out all the terps? You could be rolling with the highest quality whole leaf tobacco that will bring it's own unique terps to your smoke show. 
Rolling your own cigarettes and cigars with high quality unprocessed tobacco is also a great way to cut out all the dangerous additives of store bought cigarettes. If you are looking for the highest quality tobacco with the least potential environmental and health impacts, organic tobacco options are also becoming increasingly available and affordable.
As with hand rolled cigars, any number of tobacco varieties can be blended together to create your own personalized and unique flavor of hand rolled cigars. I think experimenting with new tobaccos and mixtures is half the fun. Unfortunately your local smoke shop probably only offers a few generic options and the quality isn’t always impressive.
I’ve found two great websites that offer a wide variety of whole leaf tobacco. They even sell tobacco seeds if you want to grow your own. Their high quality whole leaf tobacco starts in ¼ pound samples sizes for as little as $5.49 or full pounds for $16.99. As with most commodities, the price per pound is reduced for larger orders and if you want to start your own little cigarette or cigar factory, they do sell in fairly large quantities.

Where to buy high quality roll your own tobacco.

Are ready to take the quality of your hand rolled cigarettes and cigars and blunts to the next level? If so, check out Leaf Only in Middletown Connecticut and Whole Leaf Tobacco in Akron Ohio. I know you’ll be pleased with their selection and with the help of one of our cigarette rolling machines, it’s never been easier.

"This is the joint roller that Ron Swanson would use,"

- Budtender at Serra Cannabis