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Tumbleweed - Joint Roller


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The Tumbleweed Joint Roller is designed to be the most versatile cigarette, blunt, and joint roller on the market. This latest generation shares all the great qualities of the original Tumbleweed but is slightly larger and allows you adjust the cloth length so you can roll blunts or joints any diameter up to 46 gauge, roughly 3/4 of an inch thick. The Tumbleweed Joint Roller’s wide platform lets you roll up to 6 inches long but also works great with regular size rolling papers. We also added a groove under the rolling cloth so now you can roll with flared tip glass filters or crutches if desired.

The Tumbleweed takes only minutes to master is perfect for home use. The cloth adjustment locks on the underside so you can roll consistent joints when used in a production environment that requires uniformity. Each Tumbleweed Joint Roller is handcrafted of solid walnut and brass by our family right here in the USA.

Rolling Dimensions: 3/16 inch up to 3/4 inch diameter, up to 6 inches long.

Product Dimensions: 8.75 inches wide, 7.75 inches deep, 2.5 inches tall, about 2.5 pounds.

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