King Rollers

Cigar Roller


Made to last a lifetime

Roll your own cigars with the help of our Lieberman style cigar roller. Also know as a bunching machine, our cigar roller makes it faster and easier to uniformly roll the binder leaf evenly around the filler tobacco. Our latest generation of cigar rollers sports a new brass ratchet on the side to make it even easier to adjust the gauge of your cigars.

We designed our cigar rollers for rolling whole leaf tobacco but it turns out the booming cannabis industry has also embraced our cigar rollers for rolling cannabis cigars or “cannagar.” A number of dispensaries have had great success using our cigar rollers for their in-house cannabis cigar production. 

Our cigar rollers are handcrafted from solid walnut and brass and designed to endure a lifetime of cigar rolling. We build our cigar rollers right here in the USA in our family owned and operated workshop.

Rolling Dimensions: 32 to 64 gauge, roughly .5 to 1 inch in diameter, up to 9.5 inches long.

Product Dimensions: 12.5 inches wide, 13 inches deep, 3.75 inches tall, about 5 pounds.

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