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Long Bed - Blunt Roller


Go Long

The Long Bed is built for rolling blunts, cigarillos and cannagars up to 6 inches long. The Long Bed is a longer version of the Tumbleweed and works the same but with a longer cloth and platform which makes it easy to roll blunts with whole leaf tobacco wrappers. The diameter of the roll is fully adjustable so you can roll blunts any diameter up to 46 gauge, roughly 3/4 of an inch thick. The Long Bed’s wide platform lets you roll up to 6 inches long but also works great for shorter rolls.

Once you’ve dialed in your preferred diameter, the cloth adjustment locks in place so your blunts or cannagars will look and smoke uniformly. Each Long Bed is handcrafted of solid mahogany and brass so it’s sturdy enough for the both the hobbyist and production rolling.

Rolling Dimensions: 3/16 inch up to 3/4 inch diameter. Rolling platform 6.25 inches by 10 inches

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