Why A Blog About King Rollers?

Cigarette Rollers

Why we have a blog for King Rollers

We are not bloggers or even blog readers for that matter. We make cigarette rollers, or joint rollers for our customers who prefer a greener flavor. The majority of our workdays are spent in the woodshop with lots of manly power tools, not in front of a computer. We like it that way so our posts may be sporadic at best. That being said, from time to time we’ll have something to say. It may be a piece of news to share, someone to give a pat on the back to, or even a little rant needing to be let loose.

Commenting on our cigarette rollers

We are going to turn on the comments so you can interact with us and share your thoughts about our cigarette rollers. Once approved these comments are visible to everyone. If you have questions about an order please email us through our contact page.

Please leave awesome comments. While constructive criticism is welcome, please don’t cyber bully and troll us or others. Our skin is as thin as a rolling paper so please be gentle. Comment sections are also notorious for spam so if it gets too be too much trouble, we’ll have to turn off the comments so we can spend our time making cigarette rollers.

On that note, the real work is calling. Happy 420 everyone!

by brandon@kingrollers.com